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Benedicto Rodriguez Ovalle
— Director  —
Latin Team Productions

Born and raised in Mexico City, Benedicto Rodríguez Ovalle has been dancing professionally since 2005. Based in Puerto Vallarta since 2008, he soon founded with his siblings The Latin Brothers Dance Company, competing and performing nationwide, choreographing, and teaching Latin rhythms.

A highlight in their career was in 2013 to represent Mexico at the Motion City Salsa Congress in Birmingham, England.  Bene’s own accomplishments have included numerous salsa championships, and also in 2013 the establishment of his own dance troupe, Latin Team Productions.

Performing in hotels around the Banderas Bay area, plus special events, he and his dancers form one of the foremost troupes in the region.  He now has opened his own dance studio in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, Latin Dance Studio, offering classes in all Latin styles and at all levels.

Latin Brothers

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